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Fallen Stars :: Rest In Peace To Austin Legend MC Overlord


Last night, my timeline was filled with sad news.  Dominican JaySmackola and Tee Double all posted right around the same time about the passing of MC Overlord, who’d been in and out of the hospital for the better part of 2018.  In this loss, Austin is losing a legend, a diplomat and a true enthusiast for its hip-hop scene.  As a member of .::liquidstereoproject in the early 2000’s, Overlord was one of the acts that embraced us and gave us opportunities to open for his projects, which certainly helped us build a crowd.  His impact and influence are unmatched in this town.  In memory of this influence and his kind spirit, I’m sharing two videos courtesy of the Austin History Center to give you an idea of what MC Overlord was all about when he was at a creative and career peak.  He will be remembered and honored for years to come, I am sure.


Looking Back :: The Final .::liquidstereoproject Show

It took many many years.  It took the rounding up of footage from multiple cameras.  It took finally getting an editing setup that could handle the magnitude of footage it would be forced to render, edit and so on.  And, after all of those hurdles, it took a full 24 hours to get it on YouTube, but it’s finally here and ready for the world : the final .::liquidstereoproject show.  This is comprised of footage collected from Atom ToddDave Brewer and myself.  Rather than choose the best moments, I decided to share it all.  The audio (and some of the video) is a little choppy, seeing as this was well before HD, but the feeling shines through.  I know I always say enjoy, but really and truly, I hope you do enjoy this… we left it all on the stage that night.


More From The Archives :: .::liquidstereoproject And Suzanna Choffel

Here’s a LONG one from way back… this show is circa 2000, featuring the beginnings of the classic .::liquidstereoproject lineup.  Also, as an added bonus, star songbird in the making Suzanna Choffel paid a visit to front her original backing band once again… this is a long one, so enjoy it!


Death In Amber :: Remembering .::liquidstereoproject

Many thanks to the Death In Amber retrospective podcast series for taking the time to remember the old central Texas gem known as .::liquidstereoproject.  Many of the members continue to make music to this day… click on the picture and find out more.


Fly On The Wall View :: .::liquidstereoproject

I’ve been uploading lots of old footage to YouTube.  He’s a nice, intimate view of one of our Lucy’s gigs with .::liquidstereoproject.  Rudeboy and Collin Williams make the assist this gig… worth checking out.


Voyeur Music Video :: Republic Of Austin Presents Paperthreat’s “Conveyor”

Some of my old .::liquidstereoproject bandmates have formed another band that mixes acoustic and digital elements… Paperthreat is normally a beautiful blend of those elements, but for this particular occasion, they went acoustic.  The results are equally powerful… dig it:


Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice make the San Marcos Daily Record

The San Marcos Daily Record recently interviewed yours truly, and the article was released in today’s paper (9-23-11).  The article covers my progression as a solo artists, talks about my impact on the local scene, and let’s folks know about “It/ll Be Better Tomorrow”.  You can read the article here.

Thank you to Jeff Walker, the San Marcos Daily Record, and to everyone in the Austin/San Antonio corridor that has supported me over the years.  We’ve only just begun to live!