Looking Back :: The Final .::liquidstereoproject Show

It took many many years.  It took the rounding up of footage from multiple cameras.  It took finally getting an editing setup that could handle the magnitude of footage it would be forced to render, edit and so on.  And, after all of those hurdles, it took a full 24 hours to get it on YouTube, but it’s finally here and ready for the world : the final .::liquidstereoproject show.  This is comprised of footage collected from Atom ToddDave Brewer and myself.  Rather than choose the best moments, I decided to share it all.  The audio (and some of the video) is a little choppy, seeing as this was well before HD, but the feeling shines through.  I know I always say enjoy, but really and truly, I hope you do enjoy this… we left it all on the stage that night.


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