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The Crown And The Kid :: Entertaining “White Boy Wasted” Promo

Table Manners Crew has always been creative with the promotion.  This weekend’s edition of “White Boy Wasted” at Plush is no exception… dig it:



Fly On The Wall View :: .::liquidstereoproject

I’ve been uploading lots of old footage to YouTube.  He’s a nice, intimate view of one of our Lucy’s gigs with .::liquidstereoproject.  Rudeboy and Collin Williams make the assist this gig… worth checking out.


Keep Feeding You…

Here’s some more goodness from the vaults of The Word Association… this is one of our first trips to Houston, live at The Rhythm Room.  Full crew, and there’s a gem on here from The Ill Mathematical about topics that still effect us today.  Dig.


Another Blast…

Here’s another pair of videos… these are from Emo’s, sometime back in the day.  Enjoy!


New Electric Mayhem Mixes!