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Overlooked Gift :: Sharing JREDDOU_KO!’s ‘Stocking Lint’ Christmas Drop Three Months Late


Clearly Defined :: Kydd Jones, Fat Tony And BoomBaptist Go In For ‘What You Mean’

The homies Kydd Jones and BoomBaptist are already legends on the Texas scene, so seeing them connect with Houston heavy-hitter Fat Tony makes all the sense in the world.  For me, the best thing about this collaboration (via the recently release What You Mean single) is just how hard everyone involved is going.  Kydd Jones continues to explore and expand the range of his more melodic style that he has stepped into, while Fat Tony brings in some hardcore lyricism as a grounding element… all of this is given the foundation of a dope, lush and super moody track from BoomBaptist.  Plain and simple, don’t sleep on this one… cop it if you can, and pass it around regardless!


Natural Flow :: Perseph One Drops Single And Video For ‘Nurture Nature’

It feels like it’s been a minute since I heard from Perseph One, but perhaps I’ve been slipping… for years, the Houston-based MC pushed the limits of lyricism, abstract symbolism and personal expression, and Nurture Nature seems to be a continuation of all these qualities that made Perseph a household name among fans and other MCs alike.  The track is a little less noise-rap that I’m used to hearing her on, but that doesn’t change the fact that it works well for her, or that she’s still locked in lyrically.  If you’ve not yet heard of Perseph One, or it’s been a while since you’ve heard her get down, then check out this track, leave a like and a comment, and spread the word!


Sonic Singularity :: Robotfingers Releases ‘Finger Foods, Vol. 1’

Houston-based producer Robotfingers seems to have some big plans for 2021, and his first item on the list is the release of Finger Foods, Vol. 1, the first installment in series of beat tapes he plans to lace the masses with.  For this volume, the unifying theme is space, so if you’re in to concept albums and instrumental fare, then don’t sleep on this one.  Cop it if you can, share it if you can’t, or find it on your favorite streaming service and boost those analytics!


Moving On :: Filmmaker Stefan Gill Talks Straightway On ‘The Cult Vault’ Podcast

A couple of years ago, I was offered a small role in the upcoming film Remember To Forget, the directorial feature-length debut of short filmmaker and improv comedy actor Stefan Gill.  My experience on the set was fun, and upon seeing an early cut of the film, his vision really struck a chord with me.  As our friendship grew (and as I began to pay attention to his Facebook feed), I began to learn quite a bit about the man, and one of the most intriguing things I found out was about his former life being raised as a member of the Straightway cult from the HoustonTexas area.  I am only partially familiar with the organization, but if you are interested, be sure to click the image above for his personal tales.  If you’re more interested in his current creative endeavors, you can use the short film Everything That Is You as an introductory point, and dive deeper from there.


Due Time :: Free Radicals Connect With Nosaprise For ‘Cash Out’

The Houston-based combination of the live band Free Radicals and MC extraordinaire Nosaprise is not a new one, by any means.  The collective have played shows together in the Texas area for years, and have even ventured as far out as New York, as well as putting their energy behind good causes like Nosaprise‘s fundraising event We Give A Jam.  With such a rich history of collaboration, it’s surprising that the single and video Cash Out marks their first time making a proper recording together.  One look at the video, and one listen to the topic matter, however, and the sense of urgency to make their meaningful art is put into full perspective.  Take a moment to check out this video, leave a like and a comment if you’re moved by it, and share it around to run the numbers up!


Linking Up :: Lo Phi (7LayerOscillator) And Rez Team Up For ‘Two Piece Minivan’


If it’s not already common knowledge that anything dropping with a connection to Exploded Drawing (in)Sect Records needs to be checked out immediately, then it should be.  Case in point : over the weekend, Lo Phi (recording under alter-ego 7LayerOscillator) teamed up with fellow Houston native Rez for two piece minivan, a brief but invigorating sonic landscape of powerful drums, tape hiss, chopped vocal samples and general mastery of the oddly and uniquely comforting.  On their own, each producer can more than hold it down, but this combination is one of those rare occurrences where the collaborative effort yielded a sound cohesive enough for me to not be able to tell who was responsible for individual aspects of the composition.  In my opinion, that makes this a truly special collaboration, and one worth immediately listening to, sharing around with fellow music lovers, and one worth that minimal (and more than likely joke) price tag on the track.


Rise Above :: Cal Wayne Drops Knowledge On The Struggle With ‘Lord Knows’ Video

Houston-based rapper Cal Wayne, along with guest artist Mr. Ogletree, recently dropped a gem in the form of Lord Knows, a very personal and confessional style video about the crabs in the rap bucket that make it hard to elevate your position.  With a dope location, a solid track from producer J.T., and hard hitting (but honest) bars, the video is economic in its simplicity, making it all hit that much harder… the whole thing is reminiscent of kicking it with someone who’s been through a thing or two, and is taking the time to be honest about the journey for anyone willing to listen.  Definitely a solid video for a solid track, so be sure to like it, comment and share it around.


Prodigal Prodigy :: Nosaprise Returns With ‘Vamanos’


There are artists that are able to step away from the spotlight for a while, but are never truly gone.  Houston-based visionary Nosaprise is definitely one of those artists.  As his musical career was beginning to take off, Nosaprise suddenly found inspiration in several other aspects of his life that required immediate attention.  After yoga afforded him an opportunity to travel the world, and after successfully beginning a family, Nosaprise was able to bring all of that worldly knowledge gained back to his musical craft.  His music was always compelling, but now there is a growth and a depth to it that only awareness of the larger world and larger consciousness can bring… with his latest single Vamanos he is bravely experimental, bold in his statements, and thought-provoking in his delivery.  Hopefully this is just a taste of what lies ahead for Nosaprise, as his return is very welcome.


Time Lines:: Clova And NVision Films Bring ‘Ever Since’ To Life

Austin-based, Houston-bred hip-hop creative Clova recently joined forces with Eric Sattler of NVision Films to breathe life into the song Ever Since.  The song, a testimonial to having faith in yourself and chasing your dreams despite what others may think or say, is perfectly embodied by parallel lines of action : a confident young man finding himself, and an artist comfortable enough in his own skin to be in the moment and reflect.  Props to all parties involved for creating yet another standout music video in a year of Austin killing the music video game.