Prodigal Prodigy :: Nosaprise Returns With ‘Vamanos’


There are artists that are able to step away from the spotlight for a while, but are never truly gone.  Houston-based visionary Nosaprise is definitely one of those artists.  As his musical career was beginning to take off, Nosaprise suddenly found inspiration in several other aspects of his life that required immediate attention.  After yoga afforded him an opportunity to travel the world, and after successfully beginning a family, Nosaprise was able to bring all of that worldly knowledge gained back to his musical craft.  His music was always compelling, but now there is a growth and a depth to it that only awareness of the larger world and larger consciousness can bring… with his latest single Vamanos he is bravely experimental, bold in his statements, and thought-provoking in his delivery.  Hopefully this is just a taste of what lies ahead for Nosaprise, as his return is very welcome.



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