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Linking Up :: Lo Phi (7LayerOscillator) And Rez Team Up For ‘Two Piece Minivan’


If it’s not already common knowledge that anything dropping with a connection to Exploded Drawing (in)Sect Records needs to be checked out immediately, then it should be.  Case in point : over the weekend, Lo Phi (recording under alter-ego 7LayerOscillator) teamed up with fellow Houston native Rez for two piece minivan, a brief but invigorating sonic landscape of powerful drums, tape hiss, chopped vocal samples and general mastery of the oddly and uniquely comforting.  On their own, each producer can more than hold it down, but this combination is one of those rare occurrences where the collaborative effort yielded a sound cohesive enough for me to not be able to tell who was responsible for individual aspects of the composition.  In my opinion, that makes this a truly special collaboration, and one worth immediately listening to, sharing around with fellow music lovers, and one worth that minimal (and more than likely joke) price tag on the track.


Wired In :: Trieyevision Unleashes ‘#DataGang’ On The Listening Public


When it comes to forward thinking sonically, there are a handful of Texas-based artists that always keep things interesting.  A contingent of these artists have collaborated under the umbrella name of Trieyevision to drop a boom-bap blitzkrieg known as #DataGang.  The lineup consists of Persephone7LayerOscillatorBlack DavinciiiTony Darkmlcbr and Deerail, and the stimulation comes non-stop on this one.  The tracks are unique, and the lyrics have substance, making this 5 song collection’s whole greater than the sum of its parts.  Definitely one worth putting on your radar and spreading around.


Creative Chaos :: Butcher Bear and 7LayerOscillator’s ‘(1) Out For Living (0)’ (Singled Out For Living Infinite)

In all seriousness, Butcher Bear dropped a classic in 2015 with This Is How The Game Gets You Played.  I would be saying that even if I wasn’t on the album, simply due to the remainder of the supporting cast this album has.  (1) Out For Living (0) finds Butch on the breaks and 7LayerOscillator dropping his trademark symbolic knowledge.  ManOfTheDown and Night Visuals stepped in on the visual assist, and you’ve got yourself one hell of a trippy journey.  Enjoy!


Mystery Tunes :: ‘KENT & DURAND’ From 7LayerOscillator