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Creative Chaos :: Butcher Bear and 7LayerOscillator’s ‘(1) Out For Living (0)’ (Singled Out For Living Infinite)

In all seriousness, Butcher Bear dropped a classic in 2015 with This Is How The Game Gets You Played.  I would be saying that even if I wasn’t on the album, simply due to the remainder of the supporting cast this album has.  (1) Out For Living (0) finds Butch on the breaks and 7LayerOscillator dropping his trademark symbolic knowledge.  ManOfTheDown and Night Visuals stepped in on the visual assist, and you’ve got yourself one hell of a trippy journey.  Enjoy!


Inner Circles :: Artificial Earth Machine’s ‘Secrets’

Sole Glow Collective representer Artificial Earth Machine is ready to release Biosphere Simulator upon the world.  The initial shot is in the form of Secrets.  Created by Artificial Earth Machine, with an editing assist from Man-of-the-Downtrodden, the video is a quick journey through a glitched broadcast.  Take a moment to get lost in another world.


Sounds Of Science :: Exploded Drawing SXSW 2014 Compilation

Exploded Drawing is an endless abyss of talent… mad buttons getting pushed in our collective.  Every year during SXSW, the kind folks that curate the monthly event take the time to put together a retrospective of those involved with the family.  Here’s 2014, and it’s a banger.


3 Years, 90 Days :: ’30Beats30Days Vol. 3′ From Man of the Downtrodden

It’s a new year, and you know what that means… it’s time for 30Beats30Days Vol. 3 from everyone’s favorite beat wizard, Man of the Downtrodden!  You know the drill..


#TBT :: Man-of-the-Downtrodden Revisits ‘The Early Years’

Back down memory lane with the incomparable Man-of-the-Downtrodden?  Don’t mind if I do!


You Got It! :: Pragmatic Theory’s Soul Sessions

Man of the Downtrodden stays digging for good tunes.  Today, he put me on to Pragmatic Theory, and I can’t wait to dig deeper.   Check it out:


Audio Pick Three :: New Music For You

You know the drill folks… new music from some of your favorite locals!  Download, listen, share, and encourage others to do the same!


Making New Friends :: Man of The Downtrodden

The name Man of The Downtrodden keeps popping up all around in things I’m involved with.  First, I noticed him (and really enjoyed his contribution) on the Sole Glow Collective Compilation Volume One.  Then, he played Exploded Drawing IX (with well know DJ and Detroit representer House Shoes) and rocked it proper like.

After finding out he was mutual friends with my main man Collin Williams, I decided it was time to do some musical research.  Guess who wins out on this one… not sure?  Everyone!  This is some dope music.

30Beats30Days really got my attention.  Check it out for yourself: