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Sound Synthesis :: Brainwave Releases ‘Surface’


Sometimes, change is necessary.  Letting go of the old leads to new opportunities for growth and exploration.  Surface seems to be Austin-based electronic mastermind Brainwave‘s celebration of this evolution.  This album is like an audio journey through the channels of the mind.  Very rich, textured, and the kind of depth that draws you in deep.  Show some love, show some support, and tell a friend not to sleep on Brainwave.


Inner Circles :: Artificial Earth Machine’s ‘Secrets’

Sole Glow Collective representer Artificial Earth Machine is ready to release Biosphere Simulator upon the world.  The initial shot is in the form of Secrets.  Created by Artificial Earth Machine, with an editing assist from Man-of-the-Downtrodden, the video is a quick journey through a glitched broadcast.  Take a moment to get lost in another world.


Cosmic Xanadu :: Artificial Earth Machine Gets “Between Spaces”

Words are pointless when it comes to trying to capture the feeling of Artificial Earth Machine.  Here’s a new batch of tunes for you to enjoy and share, and maybe define on your own terms.