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Data Of The Heart :: Tangence & Sole Glow Collective Release ‘Lovers Lost’


Sole Glow Collective  is building up a strong catalog these days.  The latest addition to the family is Lovers Lost, a beautifully haunting EP by Tangence.  He manages to make digital creations that do very real exploration within their frameworks.  They say machines don’t emote, but Tangence is on emulator status if not outright banging feelings out of his tools.  Definitely worth a listen, and if you’ve got a few bones, you can get in on the 12″ vinyl ground floor.



Swan Song From The Shadow :: Gilded Alliance Volume Six – “Void Magick”

“The fruits of two years of progress, love, heartbreak, borderline madness and many mystical moments.  Listen close, it’s all there.”

Words from the Sole Glow Collective.


Put Me In The Remix :: Sole Glow Collective Compilation Vol. 2

After lots of hard work, Sole Glow Collective has released the follow-up compilation to the powerhouse that was Vol. 1.  While the first time around was all about showcasing original work, Vol. 2 takes a stab at making new versions of songs you already know.  Check it out for yourself, and spread the word:


Lost In The Sounds :: Flava Dre’s “Abstract Moments”

New heat from those cool kids at Sole Glow Collective.  This one is good for some meditation, some focusing, some oneness.  Enjoy.


Making New Friends :: Man of The Downtrodden

The name Man of The Downtrodden keeps popping up all around in things I’m involved with.  First, I noticed him (and really enjoyed his contribution) on the Sole Glow Collective Compilation Volume One.  Then, he played Exploded Drawing IX (with well know DJ and Detroit representer House Shoes) and rocked it proper like.

After finding out he was mutual friends with my main man Collin Williams, I decided it was time to do some musical research.  Guess who wins out on this one… not sure?  Everyone!  This is some dope music.

30Beats30Days really got my attention.  Check it out for yourself:


Collective Minds :: Sole Glow Collective Compilation Vol. 1

(from the digital desk of Eversive)

Sole Glow Collective is a community of innovative artists in multiple mediums. We love the modern beat/electronic scene! We are vinyl collectors, beatmakers, DJs, event planners, promoters, clothing companies, graphic designers, and everything between. Our hopes are to set up a global network where we can all help support each other’s work, and get you shaking hands to have your vision manifest.”

I am so glad to be a part of this compilation.  Many of my good producer friends are on here as well, and there are many more producers from all over the world.  Close to an hour and a half of music, this is a MUST HAVE compilation, and I’m not just saying that because I’m on it.  Download, listen, share, repeat.


In Deep Concentration :: Sole Glow Collective

Those in the Corpus Christi area are blessed to have Eversive making things happen.  Every last Friday, he hosts Sole Glow Collective at STEREO Music Bar.  Here’s a quick word on the event, and a couple of very special guests to demonstrate what it’s all about…