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Swan Song From The Shadow :: Gilded Alliance Volume Six – “Void Magick”

“The fruits of two years of progress, love, heartbreak, borderline madness and many mystical moments.  Listen close, it’s all there.”

Words from the Sole Glow Collective.



The Clique Gets Thicker :: Anthony Maintain Joins Gilded Alliance

from the digital desk of Glory Gold & Glitter:

“Behold, the next in the continuing Gilded Alliance series.  Anthony Maintain, founding member of the Pawn Shop experimental hip hop collective, as well as brainchild behind the annual Pawn Takes King hip hop festival, has laid out another incredible mix for Gilded Alliance.  Jazztape (With A Soft J)” is an hour filled with chilled jazz sounds perfectly blended with his signature style of beat production and sound manipulation.  Make it a point to set some time aside and give this a solid listen, your soul will be thankful you did.”


Gilded Alliance Is Growning :: Kinder Joins The Ranks

The one and only, extraordinary beatsmith known as Kinder has joined Lo Phi and Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice in the exclusive ranks of the Gilded Alliance.  The brainchild of Glory Gold & Glitter creator Michael Scheel, the series is a chance for each producer to create a unique project, and for a piece of artwork to be created specifically for the project.  Volume 3 is definitely keeping the quality bar high both visually and musically… check it out for yourselves:


Glory Gold & Glitter Represent :: Gilded Alliance Vol. 2

I’m going to get personal here… words cannot express how honored I am to have been chosen as volume 2 of the Gilded Alliance series.  My main man and fellow producer Lo Phi set things beautifully with volume 1, so the bar was set high.  With a few collective creative heads getting together, however, volume 2 has turned out to be both visually and sonically strong.

Here’s a word about Gilded Alliance from Glory Gold & Glitter:

“Glory Gold & Glitter presents you with a brand new collaborative series called Gilded Alliance. Incredible producers make a mix for the website. Then, I make a hand-screenprinted poster influenced by the mix. When you order a poster, I’ll hook you up with a download so you can bang the music any time. Everybody wins.”

Enough with the talking… here’s the AMAZING print:

And, here’s the mix… all (or mostly) Texas producers, put together by yours truly…

Order your posters, and get your copy of the mix with it… help support awesomeness worldwide.