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Family Reunion :: Exploded Drawing SXSW Compilation 2016


Every year about this time, the homies at Exploded Drawing decide to show the masses how a super talented collective holds it down.  I always look forward to SXSW time for a small handful of reasons (most having very little to do with the actual event), and this annual compilation is always at the top of that list.  Also, for the fourth time, I got a Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice track included.  Free download.. why don’t you already have it?


Paying Dues :: OVRLD Premiers Magna Carda SXSW Documentary

Last year, OVRLD followed Austin hip-hop favorites Magna Carda around for a wild SXSW.  The band had 7 shows slated for 7 nights, and if you know anything about SXSW, you know it doesn’t take long for things to get wild.  Where’s The Moon? allows you to enjoy watching a band maintain their focus, direction, and keeping their eye on the prize during everyone’s new favorite Spring Break destination in the ‘industry’.


Sounds Of Science :: Exploded Drawing SXSW 2014 Compilation

Exploded Drawing is an endless abyss of talent… mad buttons getting pushed in our collective.  Every year during SXSW, the kind folks that curate the monthly event take the time to put together a retrospective of those involved with the family.  Here’s 2014, and it’s a banger.


It’s So True :: Nosaprise And Kam Franklin School You On “Hot Nights”

I’ve known Nosaprise for close to ten years… friends of friends.  He’s always continued to amaze me at his ability to both push the boundaries of his creativity and his comfortability zone.  Never one to have a mundane, repetitive sound, Nosa recently released a new video for Hot Nights.  Featuring some beautiful vocals by Kam Franklin of The Suffers, and some stellar directing by Apollo Stackwell, it is well worth the watch.  Check out Nosaprise during SXSW 2012 this Saturday at Malaia on 6th, 8:00pm.


You Shine, We Shine :: Tee Double Makes News

from the digital desk of KXAN:

Terrany “Tee-Double” Johnson has been a trail blazer in the local hip hop scene, with music dating back to 2000.  Some call him the ‘Cultural Ambassador of Austin Hip Hop’.

His music has been featured on TV shows and feature films.  He has been nominated for a seat on the Board of Governors with the Texas Chapter of the Grammys. Tee-Double has also been honored by Austin’s City Council for his work as a musician, and a mentor to other artists.

Tee-Double has several shows planned for South by Southwest.  He’s part of a big showcase on March 11th at Lucy’s Retired Surfer’s Bar on West Avenue.  He’ll perform a set alongside several other artists at an event sponsored by Dart Music International and Harris Radio.”

So proud to call this cat a contemporary and a friend.


Applied Pressure at SXSW :: One for the Calendars