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Every Vote Counts :: Austin Chronicle Music Poll 2012

Vote Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice for any/all of the following categories…

-Avant Garde/Experimental


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It’s So True :: Nosaprise And Kam Franklin School You On “Hot Nights”

I’ve known Nosaprise for close to ten years… friends of friends.  He’s always continued to amaze me at his ability to both push the boundaries of his creativity and his comfortability zone.  Never one to have a mundane, repetitive sound, Nosa recently released a new video for Hot Nights.  Featuring some beautiful vocals by Kam Franklin of The Suffers, and some stellar directing by Apollo Stackwell, it is well worth the watch.  Check out Nosaprise during SXSW 2012 this Saturday at Malaia on 6th, 8:00pm.


Wars With Stars :: Cry Havoc at Fronterafest 2012

You know how Cry Havoc gets down… poetry in motion.  This time, Da’Shade Moonbeam and John “Hoodness Gracious” Satberry chose to display their skills with an ode to a popular tale of our times.  Check it out: