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Multiversal Affair :: Stefan Gill Drops Trailer For ‘Remember To Forget’

Moving On :: Filmmaker Stefan Gill Talks Straightway On ‘The Cult Vault’ Podcast

A couple of years ago, I was offered a small role in the upcoming film Remember To Forget, the directorial feature-length debut of short filmmaker and improv comedy actor Stefan Gill.  My experience on the set was fun, and upon seeing an early cut of the film, his vision really struck a chord with me.  As our friendship grew (and as I began to pay attention to his Facebook feed), I began to learn quite a bit about the man, and one of the most intriguing things I found out was about his former life being raised as a member of the Straightway cult from the HoustonTexas area.  I am only partially familiar with the organization, but if you are interested, be sure to click the image above for his personal tales.  If you’re more interested in his current creative endeavors, you can use the short film Everything That Is You as an introductory point, and dive deeper from there.



Prime Time :: From Left Field Podcast And Friends Talk ‘MacGruber’


Joining a podcast full of hilarious people is always a blast, and when it’s the From Left Field crew of Wendy SimmonsJJ Summers and Morgan Davis, it’s always good for a laugh or two, as well as the occasional bit of thought-provoking conversation or trivia.  This time around, I joined the crew along with special guest and director Stefan Gill, and with the season’s theme being Saturday Night Live and its lineage of films, everyone sat down to talk MacGruber (a personal favorite of mine).  The topics came fast and furious, so check it out and have yourself a good old time.