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The Crown And The Kid :: Entertaining “White Boy Wasted” Promo

Table Manners Crew has always been creative with the promotion.  This weekend’s edition of “White Boy Wasted” at Plush is no exception… dig it:



Coming Soon For You :: Big Package brings Macrogasm

From the heads that brought you Hip Hop That Doesn’t Suck (every 4th Wednesday at Plush) comes some fresh heat…  Brokebread and Anom have teamed up to form Big Package, and this spring they’re dropping some new dopeness in the for of Macrogasm.  Peep the teaser trailer:

For more info on the crew, visit the Why Be? Family website, and cop that hotness when it comes out.


Electric Mayhem : All The Way Live!

Electric Mayhem has been busier than ever, and it shows.  Here is some random newness to the world of Electric Mayhem… Enjoy!

Here is a free download of our latest Austin show… or at least, the highlights.  It was well mixed, but we’ll let you be the judge of that.

Here are some new audio-visuals recently introduced to the realm of YouTube and beyond.

Electric Mayhem Audio-Visual Tag

Electric Mayhem : In Deep Concentration

Thank you for your time.