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New Audio-Visuals :: “Dust For Ashes” from It/ll Be Better Tomorrow

“Dust For Ashes” from It/ll Be Better Tomorrow



Audio-Visuals : Single 2 – “Abstract Mess”

Here’s the latest Audio-Visual from The Epicenter… this is one of my favorite tracks from It/ll Be Better Tomorrow… enjoy!


Electric Mayhem : All The Way Live!

Electric Mayhem has been busier than ever, and it shows.  Here is some random newness to the world of Electric Mayhem… Enjoy!

Here is a free download of our latest Austin show… or at least, the highlights.  It was well mixed, but we’ll let you be the judge of that.

Here are some new audio-visuals recently introduced to the realm of YouTube and beyond.

Electric Mayhem Audio-Visual Tag

Electric Mayhem : In Deep Concentration

Thank you for your time.


But You Still Think It’s A Necklace…

Straight from Decorative Stamp comes the first video off of the ill EP from the homie EVAK1 and his latest collaborator Edison.  Cop the album, and dig the video… tubes!

By the way, EVAK is gonna rock on It/ll Be Better Tomorrow… check it:


An Introduction to Audio-Visuals

As an artist who has never liked the restraints of a title, I have made the highly arrogant decision to no longer refer to music and film unified as a “music video”, for fear that I may limit myself from the realm of creative possibilities.  I will use the term “Audio-Visuals” in place of “music video” from here on.

Thank you for taking the time to put up with my pretentiousness.