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Chief Has A Platform :: DoomsdayNOW!

2012 is about trying out new things for me.  One of those things will be to up the number of releases and audio-visuals I do.  As a lifelong lover of music, it’s rough to see what the digital age is doing to the record stores (an unfortunate casualty)… as a musician, I’m excited that with this digital age, your only limitation is yourself.

DoomsdayNOW! is a series of songs written between It/ll Be Better Tomorrow and the forthcoming Mixed Signal Transmission.  I’ve been performing True Grit for a month or two.  Casual Exorcism may be one of my favorite tracks I’ve ever written… definitely going on the box set.  I hope you enjoy it… it is a completely free download, and I will never charge for this one.  Please share it with friends, talk about #DoomsdayNOW! on Twitter (@chief78666), and come back for more goodness in the near future!



Another Demonstration :: “Out Of The Woods” Audio-Visual

In the ongoing effort to visually document every element of my latest solo LP, It/ll Be Better Tomorrow, I am proud to present the latest audio-visual from that series.  This one is for one of personal favorites off the album, Out Of The Woods.  It features an appearance from my grandfather’s GI machete, and some fierce rhymes.  Enjoy!


New Audio-Visuals :: “Dust For Ashes” from It/ll Be Better Tomorrow

“Dust For Ashes” from It/ll Be Better Tomorrow


Ten Years After

After many hours of work, the wait is finally over… It/ll Be Better Tomorrow, the third LP by Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice, will be available in digital format.  There is no set price for the album.  You can pay nothing, or you can donate as much as you like.  All proceeds from the album go towards printing CDs and merchandise.  The album will be available 9-11-11, but it is currently available for streaming if you would like to give it a listen.


Audio-Visuals : Single 2 – “Abstract Mess”

Here’s the latest Audio-Visual from The Epicenter… this is one of my favorite tracks from It/ll Be Better Tomorrow… enjoy!