Chief Has A Platform :: DoomsdayNOW!

2012 is about trying out new things for me.  One of those things will be to up the number of releases and audio-visuals I do.  As a lifelong lover of music, it’s rough to see what the digital age is doing to the record stores (an unfortunate casualty)… as a musician, I’m excited that with this digital age, your only limitation is yourself.

DoomsdayNOW! is a series of songs written between It/ll Be Better Tomorrow and the forthcoming Mixed Signal Transmission.  I’ve been performing True Grit for a month or two.  Casual Exorcism may be one of my favorite tracks I’ve ever written… definitely going on the box set.  I hope you enjoy it… it is a completely free download, and I will never charge for this one.  Please share it with friends, talk about #DoomsdayNOW! on Twitter (@chief78666), and come back for more goodness in the near future!



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