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Giving Props :: Looking Back At EVAK

Recently, the homie EVAK responded to an Instagram post of mine, and just seeing his name again reminded me of how ill his music was.  That’s why I’m making this post, so you can know how dope he is too… if you’re into raw, forward-thinking, innovative, brain-bending hip-hop, you’re welcome in advance.

There’s more stuff out there (just click his picture above), but these three still stand as some of my favorite Texas hip-hop, period.



The Full Mustafa :: Another Gem by Edison

My introduction to Edison came via my longtime friend EVAK1 and their collaborative effort Six Pack O’ Death.  Then I saw his Twitch demonstration on YouTube.  That meant that when I saw a post about his new release The Full Mustafa, it was a no-brainer that I was going to it.  It’s a free download… no stream this time, but trust me, it’s worth your time… get it now.


But You Still Think It’s A Necklace…

Straight from Decorative Stamp comes the first video off of the ill EP from the homie EVAK1 and his latest collaborator Edison.  Cop the album, and dig the video… tubes!

By the way, EVAK is gonna rock on It/ll Be Better Tomorrow… check it: