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Keep Feeding You…

Here’s some more goodness from the vaults of The Word Association… this is one of our first trips to Houston, live at The Rhythm Room.  Full crew, and there’s a gem on here from The Ill Mathematical about topics that still effect us today.  Dig.



The Word Association : Live in Studio at KVRX 91.7


Another Blast…

Here’s another pair of videos… these are from Emo’s, sometime back in the day.  Enjoy!


A Blast From The Past

As a part of my self-imposed learning of the internet and all of its digital companions, I stumbled across a way to archive all of my footage of The Word Association and .::liquidstereoproject that I own.  I will be putting these movies up over the next week or so… be sure to keep coming back and checking for the new stuff.

This video is from The Word Association’s CD Release party at Sundance Records back in 2006: