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Dusty To Digital :: Rare Gems From The Word Association

While doing some recent housecleaning, I found two missing pieces that had yet to make their way to The Word Association‘s digital archive.  I am very happy to now present to you, after years of “lost tapes” status, From The Crates Vols. 1 & 2.



Keep Feeding You…

Here’s some more goodness from the vaults of The Word Association… this is one of our first trips to Houston, live at The Rhythm Room.  Full crew, and there’s a gem on here from The Ill Mathematical about topics that still effect us today.  Dig.


Spotlight on Illustration : Mathew Reynolds | The Ill Mathematical | batfish73

Mathew Reynolds (batfish73) is a gifted man with many talents.  I was introduced to his supreme music making ability initially.  We met digging for vinyl at Sundance, and as he gave me a ride home he threw a cassette of his beats in the deck.  I thought I was listening to Public Enemy remix instrumentals, and I was expecting him to hit fast forward… slowly, I began to realize that the massive sounds coming from that system were originals by The Ill Mathematical… naturally, he became the original beatsmith (along with Adlib Hopkins).  His musical talent is widely known in the area.

People, however, may not be familiar with his natural talent at illustration.  The man may as well be a photographer, he can capture the essence of a moment so well.  Whether it be his famous collection of Indian Jones illustrations, his touching a heartfelt Vietnam veteran portrait work, or his upcoming opus Vic Falcon, all of his work is worth multiple and intense looks.

Following is only a small cross section of his work.  Click on any of the pictures to see his profile on deviantART, or simply click here.


Same As It Never Was

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Here’s a little something from me to you, to thank you for all of the years of support, and hopefully the years of continued support.  This collection of songs contains material that some listeners may not have had the chance to own.  All of these songs are from the core days of The Word Association, and a nice cross section of the collective is represented on these tracks.  Take a trip down memory lane!