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Moving Parts :: Warm Star Kicks Off 2020 With ‘(mixtape)*’


Austin never fails to impress me with the sheer range and variety of producers and beatmakers that reside in the area.  No matter what your taste is, someone is definitely making tracks that will speak to your sensibilities.  If you’re a fan of slightly glitchy, wonderfully off-kilter tracks that warp samples into new elements that are interwoven together intricately, then Warm Star most certainly has you covered.  On (mixtape)*Warm Star hits us with a dose of Prefuse73-esque vibes over two tracks that had me in the zone, for real.  Definitely looking forward to hearing more from (and possibly collaborating with) Warm Star in the future, but for not, you should jump on this while you can… and if you can donate a buck or two, you should.



Clean-up Hitter :: Poolboi Blu Knocks It Out Of The Park With ‘Sincere (Volume 005)’


sincere (volume 005) just dropped, and it’s safe to say that poolboi blu is feeling maximum levels of swagger these days.  The sincere series has been getting progressively stronger with each release, but (volume 005) is a true achievement.  The song selection flows seamlessly… the mixes are clean, concise and executed precisely… best of all, poolboi blu doubled down on the mix length, clocking in at just over 45 minutes with (volume 005).  There’s a handful of songs I really dig on this mix, as well as a few that feel like possible new favorite songs in the making.  This mix is most definitely the right way to transition out of that summer madness.


More Sincere :: ‘Sincere (Volume 002)’ By Poolboi Blu Now Available


As poolboi blu‘s notoriety as a DJ and producer has risen, and as he clocks more and more time performing live, his confidence as an artist has grown.  Even though the gap between sincere (volume 001) and sincere (volume 002) has not been a large one, the growth in execution and song selection is noticeable.  sincere (volume 002) is a more upbeat affair, but it does not let up one bit on the thought-provoking and heart-wrenching nature of the songs selected.  These are the kind of songs you dance to upon initial listen, and reflect upon once you become familiar with them.  Hopefully, the volumes keep coming, as the first two have been stellar.


Wise Words :: Syllable Releases ‘Rep My City’ Mixtape For 2018

Syllable has been on the Austin hip-hop scene for a number of years, and throughout that time, he has continued to create and support.  Rep My City, his first mixtape in quite a while, shows Syllable reflecting on that time and those experiences, and the result is both a display of gratitude and a blueprint for possible success.  The vibes are positive and honest throughout, the production provides a number of different looks, and overall, the project upholds its name.  This is definitely a solid way to set off 2018 for Syllable, and here’s to hoping that things continue to move in positive directions.


Sound Alchemy :: Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice Drops A New ‘Mixtape’


There’s a new ‘mixtape’ out from Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice, and clearly, someone has been watching too much Game Of Thrones.  This 3rd installment has been dubbed The Night Is Dark And Full Of Terrorsand it is a slight departure from the normal ‘mixtapes’ Chief Doomsday has dropped.  This one is presented like a radio broadcast, and it’s comprised totally of blends and remixes, minus the rap remakes of songs (I did not find them necessary this go-round).  Enjoy the listen, and thanks for the support!


Dusty To Digital :: Rare Gems From The Word Association

While doing some recent housecleaning, I found two missing pieces that had yet to make their way to The Word Association‘s digital archive.  I am very happy to now present to you, after years of “lost tapes” status, From The Crates Vols. 1 & 2.