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Greater Good :: Suzanna Choffel Gives Back With ‘Greater Good’ Release


Many people are finding themselves having to face problems that have always existed while trying to survive in the shadow of COVID-19.  For Suzanna Choffel, who self-admittedly knows her problems are lesser compared to those of many out there struggling, found that these times brought up ideas she explored in 2019 while preparing for the birth of her second daughter.  During her first pregnancy, the red tape and games of health care opened her eyes to the true nature of the American health system, how politicians give lip service to the industry, and how it impacts women in particular.  These ideas manifest as Good Problems, a dual attempt for her to recognize the bigger problems in the world and to inspire those going through them.  As if this effort was not enough, $1 from each sale of this track will go towards the ACLU and their efforts to even the playing field and make life a bit easier for everyone.  Support if you can, but definitely give this one a listen regardless of whether you can support or not, as Suzanna Choffel‘s immense talent cannot go ignored.


Earth Songs :: Suzanna Choffel’s ‘Song For The Lost Mommas’


I could break down the beauty of Suzanna Choffel‘s Song for the Lost Mommas, but seeing as Suzanna has done so quite eloquetly already, I’ll let her speak on it :

‘I wrote this song about a year after becoming a mother when I was still trying to figure out who this new version of myself was.  Motherhood is the biggest change & shock I have experienced in life, beautiful in so many ways, but adjusting to that change can really mess with your head and your heart.  This song is truly for all the mamas feeling so lost and a bit crazy out there…you got this.’

Check out the track, share it around to those who can use the encouragement, and always support your local artists (and mommas)!


On Occasion :: Notes Floats And Suzana Choffel Shine In ‘Sometimes’

Back to back posts for Notes Floats!  This is a selection from the Same Boat EP, brought to life in video form… share it, love it, and enjoy it!


More From The Archives :: .::liquidstereoproject And Suzanna Choffel

Here’s a LONG one from way back… this show is circa 2000, featuring the beginnings of the classic .::liquidstereoproject lineup.  Also, as an added bonus, star songbird in the making Suzanna Choffel paid a visit to front her original backing band once again… this is a long one, so enjoy it!


Good Friends Doing Big Things :: Suzanna Choffel Has “The Voice”

Ever since the days of .::liquidstereoproject, I have been blessed to become friends with the extremely beautiful and talented Suzanna Choffel.  She is a genuinely amazing singer, and a wonderful person.  Tune in to “The Voice” this season, and hopefully we can all watch Suzanna reach that next level that she so truly deserves.  Enjoy her blind audition:


Is Brooklyn In The House? :: Suzanna Choffel and Her “Golden Fires”

Anybody that knows me knows that I’m a huge supporter of the DIY ethic.  Any artist that can be creative enough to represent themselves both sonically and visually gets major props in my book.

By that token, the incomparable Suzanna Choffel is taking a big step into the realm of independency… Golden Fires is a cut from the cloth of Zanna’s new life as a New Yorker… filmed in Prospect Park, and featuring the overabundance of soul that is Suzanna Choffel, this video is a definite winner.  Check it out: