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Fallen Stars :: Rest In Peace To Austin Legend MC Overlord


Last night, my timeline was filled with sad news.  Dominican JaySmackola and Tee Double all posted right around the same time about the passing of MC Overlord, who’d been in and out of the hospital for the better part of 2018.  In this loss, Austin is losing a legend, a diplomat and a true enthusiast for its hip-hop scene.  As a member of .::liquidstereoproject in the early 2000’s, Overlord was one of the acts that embraced us and gave us opportunities to open for his projects, which certainly helped us build a crowd.  His impact and influence are unmatched in this town.  In memory of this influence and his kind spirit, I’m sharing two videos courtesy of the Austin History Center to give you an idea of what MC Overlord was all about when he was at a creative and career peak.  He will be remembered and honored for years to come, I am sure.


The Evils :: Smackola Promises ‘A Better Me’

The weight of the world can drag even the strongest man down.  An inherent part of closeness is trust, and trust is a delicate balance to maintain.  On A Better MeSmackola examines what it takes in order to navigate through a world that seemingly does not care, and his examination results in a simple statement : bettering yourself will aid you in your daily walk.  Wise words as always from a true living legend.


Future Vision :: Smackola’s ‘Glass Sky’ Video Is One For The Ages

Austin-based hip-hop legend Smackola has been doing his thing, regardless of the times, for slightly over 2 decades.  His approach to music and the experiences it has afforded him allows the type of perspective found in the song and video for Glass Sky.  The concept of both the song and video are brilliantly executed, and have me very much excited to discover what else lies within Smackola‘s latest release, The Thomas Brookz Project.  As always, expect nothing but quality from Smackola and anything Dirty Wormz affiliated.