Funky Poets :: Universal Seedz Connect With Tee Double, Tray God And Bavu Blakes For ‘Ovidalo’

Back in the mid to late 1990s in Austin, there was a golden moment of musical synergy that took place every Wednesday night at The Mercury known as Hip-Hop Humpday.  Anyone lucky enough to have experienced one of these legendary nights can tell you how wonderful it was to hear MCs Tee DoubleTray God and Bavu Blakes take turns blessing the crowd with bars over a live band/DJ combination.  It’s these memories that make the instant classic Ovidalo, the latest single from Universal Seedz featuring that very trio of MCs, such a special moment in its own right.  Over one of the most vintage-sounding jazz/soul instrumentals I’ve heard from a modern day band, the group of MCs do what they do best, wowing us with their verbal skill while educating and uplifting.  Definitely dig this track, share it around for others to check out as well, and support if you can.


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