Memory Lane :: Virgil Wolfe’s ‘B-Sides’ Now Available

If there were an underground MC whose musings I wouldn’t mind listening to in a collective, non-album intended format, I’d imagine it’d be Virgil Wolfe, based simply on their penchant for deep analytical thought and the skill of wording the unique way they views the world.  With B-Sides, a project released on Bandcamp‘s September-edition of their revenue sharing special, we get the closest thing to a free roam through Virgil Wolfe‘s mind that I imagine we are able to get… musical sketches, abstract and experimental sequences and a handful of proper songs make up the project, all with a surprisingly strong ability to hold together despite their different reasons for and times of creation.  If you’re looking for a chance to support a true original, definitely drop a few bucks for Virgil Wolfe, and if nothing else, share this one around for others to take part in.



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