Real Talk :: SniperShot Drops ‘True Story’ Album

Over the past couple of years, I’ve watched SniperShot take part in a number of jouneys… be it time spent out at sea, habitation in remote locations, or visits to exotic locales, one thing that is abundantly clear is that seeing the world has opened his already perceptive eyes even wider.  This past week, SniperShot blessed all of us with his latest album, True Story, and even if you weren’t aware of his adventures, the experiences and growth shine through in this latest batch of songs.  His trademark delivery is boosted by even more confidence, his with is backed with knowledge-filled gems, and his beat selection is diverse, as demonstrated by the numerous producer collaborations listed in the liner notes.  Anyone who’s been around this blog for a while knows that SniperShot gets automatic props from me, so it should be second nature for you to go support by copping an album or sharing the link around, because this is one that will carry you through the weekend and beyond.



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