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Death Blow :: Ciggy Burns X Luca Brasi Story Comes To A Close With ‘Back From The Dead’

Evolve and Chef Mike are back at it again!  Dig the lore wrap-up straight from the Common and Normal camp : 

“After what can only be described as a horrific final stand, Ciggy Burns‘ life was cut short, however he’s managed to find his way back to the land of the living, vowing to collect debts owed and despite his gruesome appearance, win over the hearts and asses of soccer moms everywhere.  This is the continuation of Ciggy‘s tale as spoken by Ciggy himself with background noise provided by undead gangster turned producer, Luc Brazi.”

Back From the Dead is a short but effective power-punch of a project, so definitely check it out, share it around, and if you’ve got a few bucks to spare, throw it these cats’ way!


Unadulterated Raw :: Ciggy Burns Embraces ‘The Slow Burn’


One of the aspects of hip-hop (especially southern hip-hop) that doesn’t seem to get explored nearly as much as it should is the concept album.  It takes a lot to step outside of your comfort zone, I do admit, but it also allows  you a chance to explore realms you may not even know you were capable of thriving within.

Enter Ciggy Burns (bka EVOLVE1981), and his latest magnum-opus, The Slow Burn.  It’s not that EVOLVE didn’t already spit dope raps, but Ciggy Burns allows him the opportunity to be brutally honest with the bars.  A chance to step into those human depths some of us may fear or not understand, and grow the poetry out that much more.  This is hella dope.  Keep it coming!


Bars Deluxe :: Ciggy Burns Celebrates ‘Sweet Morning Lights’

Raw raps.  That’s what the Boom Bap family is all about.  The latest from the collective set to wreck eardrums is Ciggy Burns, and Sweet Morning Lights, the lead single off of the upcoming EP The Slow Burn, is one hell of a warning shot.  Do yourself a favor and listen… get hip quick.