Presedential Production :: Flobama Drops ‘Warp Mode’ On (iN)Sect Records


(iN)Sect Records is coming off of a major week.  With an already power-packed roster on deck, the Austin-based label released a trio of debut projects.  We previously covered the new BoomBaptist, and we will get to the Rob from Garden Street release, but the man of the day is Flobama, and the focus is on the immaculately produced debut project titled Warp Mode.  The mix of electronic music and organic hip-hop elements connect well, with Flobama throwing shade of shade of slick track at the listener.  The project flows very naturally, with any vocal samples managing to fit so well into the songs that it almost seems as if there are none present.  Flobama has been flexing his skill for many years, and it’s good to see him find a label home with the brilliant beatsmiths as (iN)Sect Records.  Check out the project, share it around, and cop it if you can afford to.



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