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Standing Strong :: Lady Shacklin Visualizes Growth In A ‘Lonely World’

Even when folks have your back, it can sometimes be extremely easy to fall into a ‘me against the world’ mentality.  Luckily, Lady Shacklin appears to not only disregard the feelings to shy away from that mentality, but she embraces it fully as she explores the feeling and tries to find a way through it to the other side of things.  With a musical assist from DJ Gonz, and a visual assist from Jay Mackall of Grind District Entertainment, the video for Lonely World is a great reminder that we can make it if we try.  Props to Lady Shacklin for hitting us with the Mary J. Blige vibes in this one as well.. Austin r&b is plentiful, but having someone with an edge on the scene gives the proper range and variety needed to keep the scene from getting stagnant.



It’s The Real :: #REALEST MC CYPHER Part II (Austin, TX)

One of the last standing portions of golden age hip hop is the cypher.  Although it has morphed over the last few years, it’s still an example of what a like-minded collection of artists can do in the rawest sense.  This Austin edition features some underground lyricists known for holding it down : You F. Oh, Potent Tai, Andre Mac, Dali and Lady Shacklin.  Dig it and dig it good.


Battle Ready :: Lady Shacklin’s ‘War’

Austin area music never ceases to surprise me with its depth and versatility.  Just when I thought I’d heard all of the ‘reggae’ that central Texas had to offer, I came across Lady Shacklin, and let me be the first to tell you, she is RAW.  War is everything I don’t hear from stateside reggae… high energy, straight from the heart, and BANGING.  Dig it and dig it good.