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Controlled Chaos :: Chuck Duze And Ative Go Hard On ‘Cow Chow’

Chuck Duze (of the Austin-based FOCI collective) and Ative just made the rowdiest ode to the loud that I’ve heard in quite a while.  With the help of producer Kato On The Track, the pair of MCs drop rapid-fire bars on getting lifted on Cow Chow, with a high-energy and slightly trippy music video produced to match that audio energy.  Period point blank, this one is fire, so don’t front… check it out asap, leave a like and a comment, and spread it around so it can go viral.



Moments Passing :: Chuck Duze And You F. Oh Get Deep On ‘Waiting…’ Visual

Chuck Duze, member of the FOCI collective and Austin-based hip-hop creative, just dropped a gem in the form of Waiting…, a reflection on action versus observation in hopes of riding the inspirational wave.  The D-Low produced track is a lush, low-key bed of drums and melodic elements, and this foundation allows Chuck Duze and fellow MC You F. Oh to display their unique but complimentary styles.  The video leans slightly into the realms of absurdity, with the duo donning full body animal costumes as if they’re normal attire while strolling the streets in a seemingly self-imposed daze.  When it comes to independent work, this checks all the boxes in the top-notch category.  Check it out, leave a like and a comment, and share it around for others to do the same!


Good Combinations :: NGHT HCKLRS + FOCI + Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice Bombard Swan Dive

As September drew to an end, a show was scheduled at Swan Dive involving NGHT HCKLRS and BLXPLTN.  Recently, NGHT HCKLRS has been known to collab with various MCs across the spectrum of Austin hip hop.  On this particular night, the Fragments of a Conscious Eye (FOCI) crew were in the house, as was Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice (myself), and of course NGHT HCKLRS decided to set if off.  FOCI especially came with it on the evening, as their usually energy boost hit the crowd perfectly, and Ben Buck‘s split second decision to beatbox during his freestyle combined beautifully with what NGHT HCKLRS were throwing out there.  If you catch word all of these elements will be in the same building again anytime soon, don’t front.