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Hard Truths :: Feral The Earthword Presents ‘Floyd’

In lieu of giving my opinion analysis (as this piece speaks for itself), I will instead share Feral the Earthworm‘s accompanying information to this video :

‘I wanted to write something for my friends and listeners who may have a different perspective.  Often I’ll see people I know promising to delete those who don’t agree with them but I’m trying to participate in genuine conversations.  I don’t want to be rude or shame you for your opinion, I just want to know what about the views stated in this song you disagree with and see if there’s some type of middle ground we can reach.

I don’t identify with the Democratic or Republican party. I’m just a 26 year old dude somewhere in the middle who found himself with a platform.  Instead of shying away from what’s difficult and just writing regular old songs, I’m leaning in to this whole thing so let’s discuss.

Lyrics are in the comments.

Edited by Buddy Brown and Carly Molstad
Beat by Dreamlife