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Hunger Games :: ATX Cypher And Nez Tha Villain Explore Their ‘Rap Appétit’

When Common spoke of the ‘hungry hip-hop junkie in the city’ way back when, I knew exactly what he was talking about, and after hearing Rap Appétit, it’s clear that ATX Cypher and Nez Tha Villain understand what that line is all about as well.  Thanks to an assist from Big&Little Productions and director Kevin Bocanegra Jr., we’ve been blessed with a video for Rap Appétit that captures all of the true-school essence the vocal duo put into the track… the boom bap and the self-affirming bars and backed up by a nice, vintage look and feel where two music fiends are exploring and embracing their love.  This video is super solid, so don’t sleep on it… you know what to do… like, comment and share!



Props Session :: DoWrong Drops ‘Ambition’ Video

Austin mainstay DoWrong has never been one lacking the confidence to plant his flag as a top tier MC, and with his latest single Ambition, he’s got a proper anthem.  After connecting with Big&Little Productions, a video was made that shows how you can still have plenty of style and flash without a million cuts or locations.  The long take method works well, as it compliments the lyrical drive that DoWrong puts into the song, as well as the very memorable hook that stays with you after the track is done.  Check it out for yourself, leave a like and a comment if you dig it, and share it around to get the numbers up.


Funky Dividends :: ‘BMF (Big Money Facts)’ Visualized By Clova And $outh$ide Hippie

Anyone who steps away from the visual for BMG (Big Money Facts) by Clova and $outh$ide Hippie (beautifully put together by Big&Little Productions) unclear of what motivates the duo may need their head checked.  The Austin-based hip-hop duo make it pretty straight forward in both their lyrics and the visuals that accompany them… money is the major motivating factor, and they are not ashamed to stand behind that.  Rap life is lived to the fullest in this visual, with the studio session blasting the track, plenty of drink and smoke to go around, homies paying surprise visits (Austin modern day legend Sertified, in this case), and money raining from the sky to drive it all home.  This one is solid and straightforward, to great effect if I say so myself, so let’s all get behind it by liking the vid, leaving a comment, and sharing it around for others to do the same!