Hunger Games :: ATX Cypher And Nez Tha Villain Explore Their ‘Rap Appétit’

When Common spoke of the ‘hungry hip-hop junkie in the city’ way back when, I knew exactly what he was talking about, and after hearing Rap Appétit, it’s clear that ATX Cypher and Nez Tha Villain understand what that line is all about as well.  Thanks to an assist from Big&Little Productions and director Kevin Bocanegra Jr., we’ve been blessed with a video for Rap Appétit that captures all of the true-school essence the vocal duo put into the track… the boom bap and the self-affirming bars and backed up by a nice, vintage look and feel where two music fiends are exploring and embracing their love.  This video is super solid, so don’t sleep on it… you know what to do… like, comment and share!



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