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Visual Delights :: ‘Welcome To Your Doom’ Dives Into Short Films

Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice (me) presents Welcome To Your Doom, episode 003.  This time, the focus is on short films, and is meant to show you that there is a wealth of entertainment on YouTube you may or may not be aware of that is highly innovative, exploratory and original.  This round of short films features the work of Jeffrey GarciaNatalia RocafuerteNicolas Luna and Nik Crawford.  It’s rated PG-13 or so, and depending on where you work, it may be NSFW.  Regardless, when you’ve got half an hour to set aside, enjoy!  New episode coming, hopefully sooner than later…


Memories Released :: The Short Films Of Nicolas Luna

A handful of years ago, when the Austin hip hop scene was experiencing a full-throttle renaissance/resurgence period, one of the standout groups was Parking.  A two-man outfit, Ibriham handled the rhymes while Nicolas Luna got down on production.  I knew that Nicolas and myself shared a love of film, but at that time, I had no idea he had aspirations of creating them.  Cut to a number of years later, and Nicolas is in New York.  During a recent timeline binge on Facebook, I came across a post featuring a YouTube video called 3 Elements.  It was simple, yet powerful, and extremely well put together.  It also turned out to be one of Nicolas Luna‘s many shorts that he recently had uploaded to YouTube.  Here is a playlist of them for you to share and enjoy.