Hit Parade :: The Teeta Drops Another Stunning Visual With ‘Mood Swings’

Consistency is an important yet often overlooked trait when it comes to building your brand.  In hip hop, being consistently dope is one surefire way to set yourself ahead of the rest.  If there’s one cat in Austin that is 100% on the consistently dope list, it’s The Teeta.  Not only does he drop standout music that most others emulate with minimal success, but when he puts video to these tunes, he takes things to a completely new level.  Mood Swings is no exception, bringing all of the trademarks you’d expect for a video from The Teeta : trippy aesthetic, hip hop tropes turned slightly on their ear, and plenty of swag without giving a damn who notices.  The run has been legendary, and here’s to hoping it continues trending upward.


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