Cinematic Rebel :: Jeffrey Garcia Pushes His Boundaries Via VHS-Based Feature Film ‘BUBBLEGUM’

After dropping short films for over a decade (if memory serves correctly), the homie Jeffrey Garcia decided to take the plunge and step his game up.  This personal upgrade resulted in his feature-length debut, the wonderfully insane Henrietta and Her Dismal Display of Affection, and for most independent creators, a resume of this nature would serve as a good stopping point, or at least a key resolution before winding the creative machine down.  The complete opposite seems to be the case for Garcia, however, as he has quickly followed up Henrietta with another feature, the upcoming BUBBLEGUM.  As if writing, producing, directing and editing a feature film isn’t a monumental enough task, Garcia decided to make BUBBLEGUM a production entirely shot on VHS tape, making it that much more difficult to shoot and edit.  A little uphill battle has never stopped Garcia, however, so lucky for us, BUBBLEGUM appears to be right around the corner for our enjoyment!  Keep your eyes opened for release information, and in the meantime, drop a like and a comment on this video and spread the insanity around.



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