More Hardcore :: EVOLVE And DJ PROOF Connect For ‘SLANG BANG’

Fans of boom-bap, raw and honest hip-hop are hopefully hip to EVOLVE by now, as the Texas resident stays embracing the street aesthetic that made hip-hop what it was during the 1990s, arguably the heyday of hip-hop’s creativity and cultural growth.  With the assistance of DJ PROOF on production, the track SLANG BANG plays like a brutally honest admission of fully embracing every bit of the grittiness that makes the dark side of hip-hop so enjoyable.  The drum heavy, dark and minimalist track serves as the perfect backdrop for EVOLVE‘s stream of consciousness flow, which is always on point and full of rhymes and references within rhymes and references.  Check this one out asap, cop it if you can, and spread it around so everyone can get down.



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