Maturity Music :: Blacklight Releases ‘Full-Time’ LP

After a successful year and a half that included a debut release, a handful of impressive music videos and loads of stage time, including a festival appearance, Blacklight has found himself hitting the ground running once again.  In light of (no pun intended) all of this experience and growth, it makes sense that his follow-up project, Full-Time, would have the sound of a more mature and seasoned artist.  The touches of pure energy and emotion are definitely still present, as that rawness is a huge part of what makes Blacklight such a compelling artist, but hearing him approach more seasoned tracks with a more confident and equally seasoned approach is refreshing and inspiring.  Much of the subject matter is similar, as Blacklight has always been about positivity, self-sufficiency and making your own way, but now the feelings are backed up with stories and examples of experience.  Definitely check out the project on your favorite streaming service or online storefront, support if you can, and spread the word regardless!



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