Master Stroke :: Tall Kyle Drops New ‘Mona Lisa’ Single

The Austin-based College of Hip-Hop Knowledge (CHHK) is really and truly a blessing to the Austin and central Texas hip-hop scene.  Every artist in the collective manages to effortlessly straddle the line between innovate sound and classic knowledge dropping, all while maintaining a vast array of individual styles and characteristics.  One of the more vocal and high profile members of the crew is the enigmatic Tall Kyle, the kind of cat who will punch you in the eye for disrespecting his third eye.  On his latest single Mona LisaTall Kyle manages to draw a line between the confidence in his style and the innumerable influences spanning space and time that lead to the confident being his is today.  2020 may have been a forgettable year for most, but the CHHK has been making the most out of it, and this latest effort from Tall Kyle stands as further proof.  Check it out on your favorite streaming service, and spread it around for others to do the same!



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