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Everybody Winning :: College Of Hip-Hop Knowledge Represents Once Again For ‘Grind Mode Cypher ATX Vol. 1)

Old Soul :: Tall Kyle Digs Deep For ‘Mt. Vernon’

Austin-based MC Tall Kyle has never been afraid to be himself or speak his mind, but with Mt. Vernon, his latest solo effort, it’s clear that Tall Kyle has reached a level of self-awareness that comes with big wins and big losses.  The same vices, passions and inspirations that have always been present in the lyrics of Tall Kyle are definitely there and accounted for, but there is a wisdom and understanding that comes with perspective and humility within the bars now, making each song as revelatory as they are entertaining.  Go find this one on your favorite streaming service and run the numbers up, or even better, find it on a digital storefront and buy it.  Either way, spread the word, because Tall Kyle blessed us with one of the better offerings of the year, front to back, and it deserves both your time and attention.



Roundtable Discussion :: CHHK Drops ‘CYPHER 2’

It’s getting to be that time of year now that normalcy is creeping back into play, and that time is cypher season.  As always, the College of Hip-Hop Knowledge (or CHHK) never misses an opportunity to show what they can do as a collective, and CYPHER 2 serves two purposes : an introduction for recent CHHK addition Ative, and a refresher course on standing members SillCasino ATXBig MicMic Trey and Big Tree #4Real.  The entire crew gets the setup from DJ Berlin prior to making quick but efficient work of a beat provided by Jinx.  Thanks to Caveman Films, we get to enjoy the CHHK adding another visual chapter to their quickly growing history, so if you’re digging what the crew is spitting, don’t hesitate to leave a like, comment the line that got you, and share the vid around to run the numbers up!


Master Stroke :: Tall Kyle Drops New ‘Mona Lisa’ Single

The Austin-based College of Hip-Hop Knowledge (CHHK) is really and truly a blessing to the Austin and central Texas hip-hop scene.  Every artist in the collective manages to effortlessly straddle the line between innovate sound and classic knowledge dropping, all while maintaining a vast array of individual styles and characteristics.  One of the more vocal and high profile members of the crew is the enigmatic Tall Kyle, the kind of cat who will punch you in the eye for disrespecting his third eye.  On his latest single Mona LisaTall Kyle manages to draw a line between the confidence in his style and the innumerable influences spanning space and time that lead to the confident being his is today.  2020 may have been a forgettable year for most, but the CHHK has been making the most out of it, and this latest effort from Tall Kyle stands as further proof.  Check it out on your favorite streaming service, and spread it around for others to do the same!


Natural Flow :: Tall Kyle And Willis Wax Poetic On ‘No Rain No Flowers’

Tall Kyle clearly has a strategy.  After spending 2019 dropping bars that served as both punchlines and examples of his skill, he took home Lyricist of the Year from teh Austin Hip-Hop Awards, a well deserved prize for the work he put in over the year.  What better way to celebrate the reign in 2020 than to drop a deeply introspective and wise banger, and let a homeboy like Willis showcase his unique but complimentary style on the track?  That’s exactly what we’re presented with in No Rain No Flowers, a track that works on multiple levels both as a song and a indie-cinema, bare bones, wholly authentic music video.  This one is worth your time, so definitely check it out.


Props Party :: College Of Hip-Hop Knowledge (CHHK) Drops Cypher For Austin Hip-Hop Awards

Tall Kyle, Big MicJSun the Prophesor, Big TreeSillMic Trey, The Culprit (with a special guest) and Kartune recently got the call from the Austin Hip-Hop Awards to create a cypher in the vein of the BET Awards, and to nobody’s surprise, the crew did not disappoint.  For any successful cypher, you need a banger of a track, and the high energy A$AP Ferg track East Coast served as the perfect platform for the collective of talented MCs to drop bar after bar after bar, with tons of historical, mythical and cultural references intertwined among an a vast array of styles and deliveries.  I love what the CHHK is doing for hip-hop at large, and for Austin-based MCs in particular, as it’s allowed a handful of promising individuals with raw talent to transform into the seasoned performers confident enough to present a cypher of this caliber.  If the past few years have been any indication, CHHK will be making big moves this year, so definitely stay connected with them for more dope output.


Games Played :: CHHK And Tall Kyle Drop ‘The Way She Goes’ Video

There’s no shortage of talent within the ranks of the College of Hip-Hop Knowledge (CHHK), and the collective has had no trouble proving that time and time again.  The latest creative offering from their ranks comes in the form of a new music video from Tall Kyle for The Way She Goes, a reflection on that ever present battle of attraction between men and women that ebbs and flows so drastically.  Tall Kyle uses the first verse to visually and lyrically break down how the situations play out, while the second verse is a much more reflective rumination on what could have been, what could be, and how fault ultimately lies at the feet of both parties.  The real point to be considered from everything, in my opinion, is that drive to not let things like this hold you back on your path to fulfillment.  Artistic integrity and rewards are our responsibility, and with achievement of these goals comes the confidence and notoriety that brings people closer to us (which is another examination in itself).  Props to Tall Kyle and CHHK for continuing to put out dope product.  Be sure to like, leave a comment, share the video around, and subscribe to their YouTube channel for more quality content.