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Beholder’s Eye :: Jsun The Prophesor And Govinachi Resonate On ‘True Beauty’

It’s hard not to find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the litany of issues we face these days… be they medical, political, sociological or personal, the weight of the world is a hard shoulder to burden.  That very reason is why people should take the time to reflect on the beauty that exists in the world, as well as the beauty we are capable of creating.  Luckily for us, Jsun the Prophesor and collaborator Govinachi are lending the masses a hand and leading by example with the release of the single True Beauty.  The track is a reflection on those aforementioned aspects of life, all over a beat that revels in harmonics and dynamics rather than the traditional boombap fare.  For anyone in need of a sonic pick-me-up, look no further than True Beauty, and if you’re feeling it, leave a like and a comment before you share it with your friend circle.


Props Party :: College Of Hip-Hop Knowledge (CHHK) Drops Cypher For Austin Hip-Hop Awards

Tall Kyle, Big MicJSun the Prophesor, Big TreeSillMic Trey, The Culprit (with a special guest) and Kartune recently got the call from the Austin Hip-Hop Awards to create a cypher in the vein of the BET Awards, and to nobody’s surprise, the crew did not disappoint.  For any successful cypher, you need a banger of a track, and the high energy A$AP Ferg track East Coast served as the perfect platform for the collective of talented MCs to drop bar after bar after bar, with tons of historical, mythical and cultural references intertwined among an a vast array of styles and deliveries.  I love what the CHHK is doing for hip-hop at large, and for Austin-based MCs in particular, as it’s allowed a handful of promising individuals with raw talent to transform into the seasoned performers confident enough to present a cypher of this caliber.  If the past few years have been any indication, CHHK will be making big moves this year, so definitely stay connected with them for more dope output.


Master Teachers :: AKAdemics Hits Heads With ‘The Syllabus’


As much as I support hip-hop pushing it’s stylistic and cultural elements forward, I’m a sucker for raw raps and boom-bap, always.  Therefore, it’s always refreshing when I hear like-minded MCs creating new music in that vein.  The Austin-based College of Hip-Hop Knowledge (CHHK) is in that club of MCs who feels the same, and proof of this would be the release of The Syllabus by the collective known as AKAdemicsBig Mic and JSun the Prophesor on lyrical duties, with DJ Berlin holding them down on support.  If you’re a fan of tracks that make you think in equal measure to making you nod your head, then you’re in luck, because this project is overflowing with that level of dopeness.  Certainly a strong release from the CHHK camp, and a solid way to wrap up what seems to have been a productive 2019 for the collective.  Knowing those cats, this is just a step in their continued upward trajectory, so definitely get hip to CHKKAKAdemics, and everyone else connected.


Building Breakdowns :: AKAdemics Represent CHHK With ‘Creation Of Destruction’ Music Video

Over the last few years, the Austin-based collective College of Hip Hop Knowledge has provided an arena for upcoming creatives to build with one another and hone their energies/skills into productive output.  Most recently, CHHK has birthed the group AKAdemics, comprised of members Big Mic, Jsun the Prophesor, and DJ Berlin.  Their latest single and video, Creation of Destruction, is an honest look at how America tends to be the master of their own negative destiny, glorifying the things that they shun at breakneck intervals.  The newreel footage blends seamlessly with the original images captured for the video, resulting in a very informed piece of work with visual and informational replay value.  Definitely support these guys and their efforts, as they are trying to make positive change on multiple levels.


Dropping Knowledge :: Jsun the Prophesor And College Of Hip Hop Knowledge Release ‘The Curriculum’


Anyone who feels that there is a lack of high caliber MCs in Austin needs to sit down and give The Curriculum a good, attentive listen.  The project is a representation of the Austin-based College of Hip Hop Knowledge, a collective of like minded hip hop creatives looking to provide many things for the scene and culture : a place to hone live performance skills, a network to help build working relationships, education for the business and technical aspects of the business, and outreach opportunities to help bolster the community.  Curated by Jsun the Prophesor, there is a wide and varying range of MCs represented on this collaborative effort.  The production is solid, the lyrics are heartfelt and thought-provoking throughout, and the project as a whole provides a feeling of uplift.  This one is definitely worth your time, attention and support, so make sure to spread the word and keep an eye out for more from the College of Hip Hop Knowledge.