Beholder’s Eye :: Jsun The Prophesor And Govinachi Resonate On ‘True Beauty’

It’s hard not to find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the litany of issues we face these days… be they medical, political, sociological or personal, the weight of the world is a hard shoulder to burden.  That very reason is why people should take the time to reflect on the beauty that exists in the world, as well as the beauty we are capable of creating.  Luckily for us, Jsun the Prophesor and collaborator Govinachi are lending the masses a hand and leading by example with the release of the single True Beauty.  The track is a reflection on those aforementioned aspects of life, all over a beat that revels in harmonics and dynamics rather than the traditional boombap fare.  For anyone in need of a sonic pick-me-up, look no further than True Beauty, and if you’re feeling it, leave a like and a comment before you share it with your friend circle.



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