Old Soul :: Tall Kyle Digs Deep For ‘Mt. Vernon’

Austin-based MC Tall Kyle has never been afraid to be himself or speak his mind, but with Mt. Vernon, his latest solo effort, it’s clear that Tall Kyle has reached a level of self-awareness that comes with big wins and big losses.  The same vices, passions and inspirations that have always been present in the lyrics of Tall Kyle are definitely there and accounted for, but there is a wisdom and understanding that comes with perspective and humility within the bars now, making each song as revelatory as they are entertaining.  Go find this one on your favorite streaming service and run the numbers up, or even better, find it on a digital storefront and buy it.  Either way, spread the word, because Tall Kyle blessed us with one of the better offerings of the year, front to back, and it deserves both your time and attention.



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