Personal Evaluation :: BlackLight Releases Video For ‘Lose Patience’

After releasing King Vibez Only last December, it’s nice to see that BlackLight isn’t planning on resting upon his recent laurels.  His latest single and music video, Lose Patience, is a high energy injection of audio and visual stimulus, all of which is live and direct with the intention of grabbing the attention of the listener/viewer and maintaining a strong grip.  The bouncy track serves as a roaming ground for BlackLight‘s lyrics of personal victories and rewards reaped, as well as warnings to anyone with intentions of derailing the trajectory.  The video is up close, personal, colorful and intense, all of which gives it a surprising strength and boldness despite its simpler nature and approach.  Overall, this is definitely phenomenal work, and wonderfully surprising growth from an artist who has already more than fulfilled his early promise.  Check it out, leave a like and a comment, and share it around for everyone to experience.



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