Can’t Stop :: Riders Against The Storm (RAS) And Tameca Jones Connect For ‘Red Lights’

Riders Against the Storm (RAS) have carved a name for themselves in regards to two very specific things : forward-thinking music and a true passion for dancing.  Their artistic, political and community acumen certainly cannot be denied, but the duo certainly excels in the original two areas mentioned.  Therefore, it’s no surprise that their latest single, the incredibly catchy Red Lights, fits both bills.  Sonically, the song leans in the direction of afro-futurism (in my opinion), with it’s upbeat synthesizer-based sound.  Add to that the energy-based lyrics and the wonderful hook courtesy of Tameca Jones, it’s almost impossible to ignore this as a sure shot dance track.  Stream or download the track from your favorite online streaming service, and keep an eye out for more new material, hopefully soon!



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