Mega Bites :: NAMELESS Drops ‘Chips’

While (iN)Sect Records has always been known for boundary-pushing, forward-thinking producers and productions, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t capable of hitting the masses with some boom-bap every once in a while.  For those needing that boom-bap fix, NAMELESS has come to your rescue in the form of Chips, a stream of consciousness labor of love full of wonderful vocal samples, progressive pace and timing, and most importantly, head-nodders galore in terms of the beats.  This album is easy enough to enjoy on its own, but after taking a quick peek at the backstory behind the culmination of this release, it’s hard not to feel the passion and patience that went into Chips.  If you can afford to, cop it.  If not, stream it and share it so others can check it out.



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