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Master Teachers :: Winter Fires Blesses KTSW’s ‘Studio C Sessions’

The Austin – San Antonio corridor is chock full of diverse musical talent that spans many genres, so naturally, it becomes hard to pick a favorite when asked.  One band that always comes to mind, however, is the Seguin-based collective known as Winter Fires.  Recently, they made a stop by the KTSW video production known as the Studio C Session to show off the talents that they learned after first connecting at the Texas Statue University school of music.  As per usual, the performance is a moving, riveting and dynamic one, with the members getting a proper chance to each show off their talents and range to the fullest.  Give it a like, leave a comment, and share it around for others to see as well.



Texas Folklore :: Rock Bottom String Band Stops By KTSW 89.9 For Studio C Sessions

Rock Bottom String Band not only entertains, they inform.  Recently, they stopped by KTSW 89.9‘s Studio C Sessions to perform La Llorona, a song dedicated to the lore of the ‘Weeping Ghost’ (or ‘Weeping Woman’).  I would go into more detail about the story, but Tara does it much better than I can.  If you’re not already hip to Studio C Sessions, you should definitely follow the YouTube channel for constant nonstop good tunes.


Heavy Hearts :: Conwaythewhale Stops By KTSW 89.9 Studio C Sessions

Evolution is a natural part of dedicated creation.  Take Conwaythewhale, for example.  Upon their inception, the band was just a duo, albeit a powerful one.  Due to life circumstances and other creative obligations, what started as a raw musical confessional turned into a full-fledged power packed sonic testimonial, backed by a traditional full band.  What has not changed, however, is the cutting honesty and pure emotion of singer/songwriter Justin Conway.  The band stopped by KTSW 89.9‘s acclaimed Studio C Sessions recently, and their performance of John Locke was extremely touching, especially for those of us that have spent any time over the last 5 years or so in the San Marcos area.  Check it out, share it around, and be sure to give it a like and/or leave a comment.  Support college radio and local artists!


Air Time :: Manners Stops By KTSW 89.9 For Studio C Sessions

If there’s one thing that San Marcos will never run out of, it’s bands.  You can barely throw a rock without hitting someone that contains enough talent and personality to hold a crowd’s attention.  Manners is one of the groups that, over the past year or so, has stayed vigilant and managed to make a name for themselves.  Because KTSW 89.9 understands the importance of giving props where props are due, the band was recently invited to bless Studio C Sessions with a performance of their song Creeps.  Check it out, stay in tune to KTSW 89.9 and in line with what Manners are keeping up to, and always support local.


Spotlight Time :: The PNTHN Visits KTSW 89.9 For ‘Studio C Sessions’

In the information age, everything happens at an accelerated pace.  The process of forming a band, writing a catalog of songs and developing a rapport and chemistry with one another used to take years, but those days are over.  Take The PNTHN, based out of San MarcosTexas.  In what seems like a matter of months, they’ve dropped a couple of projects, a handful of music videos, have played shows throughout Texas, and recently stopped by KTSW for a Studio C Session.  Check it out, give it a like and a share, and definitely support these cats because they’ll be doing bigger things sooner than later.