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Bluegrass Jazz :: Rock Bottom String Band Visits Bard Sessions To Sing ‘Tend’

Rock Bottom String Band is a group known for their closeness, both as a band and with their audiences, so it’s only fitting that Bard Sessions, a collective all about intimacy, invited the band to perform Tend in their studio recently.  The space is visually interesting, the production looks and sounds great, and Rock Bottom String Band knocked it out the park (as they’re known to do).  Tend is a warning shot that new music is on the way from the group, and if you dug the performance, be sure to subscribe to the Bard Sessions YouTube channel for weekly uploads.


Texas Folklore :: Rock Bottom String Band Stops By KTSW 89.9 For Studio C Sessions

Rock Bottom String Band not only entertains, they inform.  Recently, they stopped by KTSW 89.9‘s Studio C Sessions to perform La Llorona, a song dedicated to the lore of the ‘Weeping Ghost’ (or ‘Weeping Woman’).  I would go into more detail about the story, but Tara does it much better than I can.  If you’re not already hip to Studio C Sessions, you should definitely follow the YouTube channel for constant nonstop good tunes.


Girl Crazy :: ‘Hill Country Baby’ By Rock Bottom String Band

San Marcos punk/country outfit Rock Bottom String Band just made a video paying tribute to the one thing that will always give music a run for its money… women.  Specifically, the women of the Texas hill country.  Enjoy a wide variety of beautiful smiles and random antics from RBSB and friends!


Room For More :: Double Dose Of Tiny Desk

San Marcos has been an endless wellspring of talent over the years that I have spent there.  No matter what kind of musical styling you enjoy, someone (or a group of someones) generally has it nailed.. and they are more than willing to let you be a part of their journey.  Here are two entries for NPRs Tiny Desk Contest from two sets of all star acts:

Rock Bottom String Band

Henry + the Invisibles