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Getting Busy :: Henry Invisible Shares Live Energy With ‘I ❤️ Funk’ Single


Funky Dividends :: Chief Doomsday And Henry Invisible Going Funk Vs Funk


This Saturday night, Austin-based musicians Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice and Henry + the Invisibles will meet on Henry‘s Instagram Live (@HenryInvisible) for their own version of the currently popular VERZUZ battle series.  In what may possibly be a short series, the two will set it off going funk track versus funk track.  Any and all proceeds obtained will go towards the medical funds of Lauren Bruno, a friend of Henry‘s in need.  If you find yourself free this Saturday night at 10:30 PM (CST), be sure to tune in for what should be a memorable event!


Cover Fire :: Henry + The Invisibles Takes A Swing At James Brown’s ‘Get Offa That Thing’

For a man as talented as Henry + the Invisibles, it’s surprising that he does not showcase his ability to do cover material more.  In an effort to bolster his set and raise the levels of engagement for what is already a top-notch live performance, however, Henry has decided to do just that, and expand his set list to a few funk and r&b standards.  He recently released a video of himself recording/performing the James Brown staple Get Offa That Thing, and if he’s able to come even remotely close to the energy he captured in a live setting, we’re all in for a treat.  Check it out for yourself, let him know what you think via comments, and be sure to like and share the video.


Perpetual Motion :: Henry + the Invisibles Keeps It Moving With ‘Out Of Order’

Henry + the Invisibles has always been a champion for the DIY ethos, a keeper of the funk, and a candidate for hardest working man in the business, but one aspect that gets overlooked at times is his gift for motivational speaking.  His songs are such a complex presentation, and his mood often so upbeat and radiating, that some don’t catch all of the gems he’s dropping.  On his latest single (and video), Out of OrderHenry brings the tempo down a bit and drops manifesto-level bars on keeping your integrity and wits about you in a time full of turmoil and conflict.  And, amazingly, he drops all of this groove and knowledge in less than two minutes.  This is the kind of material that could help right the ship in these hazy days, so give this one a like, a share, and a comment, and keep supporting Henry + the Invisibles (or start supporting, if you aren’t already).


Body Moving :: Henry + The Invisibles Release ‘Let’s Bounce’ Single


Henry + The Invisibles is no stranger to dropping an inspirational track.  Whether he’s encouraging you to move your body or to explore your world, he’s always on point.  Sometimes, as in the case of Let’s Bounce, he does both at the same time.  Henry + The Invisibles rides the dual metaphor wonderfully in his lyrics before lacing the track with a moving solo and one of the funkier bridges he’s committed to tape in a hot minute.  I’m looking forward to sharing some festival time with him at the upcoming Martian Arts Festival, and definitely I’m looking forward to more new music.


Style King :: Henry + The Invisibles Has Us Like ‘WHOA’


The funk is back, and better than ever.  Henry + the Invisibles has been putting in all kinds of work the last few years in terms of spreading the legend, and after some time spent preparing a new album, us lucky listeners are getting a taste of what’s in store.  WHOA is a nice field of smoothness with a nice solid breakbeat behind it.  Henry uses this as a platform to explore those feelings that you can’t control, and even manages to throw many referential nods in the midst of this confessional.  Super dope, and I can only imagine how this track comes off live.  Musaic sounds like it will hit us in all the right ways upon its release.


Room For More :: Double Dose Of Tiny Desk

San Marcos has been an endless wellspring of talent over the years that I have spent there.  No matter what kind of musical styling you enjoy, someone (or a group of someones) generally has it nailed.. and they are more than willing to let you be a part of their journey.  Here are two entries for NPRs Tiny Desk Contest from two sets of all star acts:

Rock Bottom String Band

Henry + the Invisibles


Lasting Impressions :: Henry + The Invisibles’ “LOVEJAMM”

In honor of the HRC campaign for two precedent setting trials regarding marriage equality, my man Henry + The Invisibles  has created a new song focusing on that very topic.  Share it, download it, play it, and remember, equality is something you should be aware of and support on a daily basis.


Big Week of Shows :: See Chief!

This week is full of good shows, with lots of variety amongst them.  There will be four opportunities to see me perform this week, and believe me, they are all worth the time…

Monday : Electric Mayhem will be holding our final Monday installment, and it will feature live drums by Patrick Montgomery.  The show takes place at Triple Crown (206 N. Edward Gary), and after this one, it will be solo Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice sets with occasional guest DJs.

Tuesday : The following night will be the CD release party for “It/ll Be Better Tomorrow”, and it will feature the amazing stylings of Henry + The Invisibles.  For those who need a reminder:

This is definitely a DO NOT MISS show… and it’s a great chance to support two local giants on the music scene.  This show also takes place at Triple Crown.

Thursday : One door closes, another opens, they say… Monday marks the end of Electric Mayhem as a weekly entity, but you can still catch the duo every first Thursday at Tantra Coffee House.  This is the inaugural show, and you better believe there will be more to come…

Saturday : Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice return to Firehouse Lounge (Austin) for some exploratory sound sessions.  No cover, good tunes, and cheap drinks… what more can you ask for?


Spotlight on Music : Henry + the Invisibles

Over the years, I have had the pleasure to meet scores of performers.  They have covered the entire spectrum of musicality.  Out of these many artists, never have I met one more unique than Henry + the Invisibles.  A self proclaimed onemanphunkband, Henry melds classic musical ability with a bold and adventurous sense of digital experimentation.  The result is a seamless blend of old school and new school… instant classic music and showmanship.  I have played a few shows with this cat, and I hope that there are many more to come over the years… that is, unless he blows up and becomes a household name, which he is fully capable of.

Here’s a little preview of my good friend Henry, way back in 2010: