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Multiverse Madness :: Mista Mozes Blows Minds With Dual Video For ‘The Outside/Whoa!’

These days, it seems like the best bet for getting memorable music video work as an Austin-based hip-hop artist is to enlist the assistance of NVision Media.  The latest exhibit in a long line of proven work is the latest Mista Mozes music video, a combined effort for his singles The Outside and Whoa!  Mista Mozes and director Eric Sattler leaned heavily on the influence of modern day science fiction and psychological thrillers, such as Jordan Peele‘s seminal classic Get Out, as the driving force for this compelling and thought-provoking music video that stands up perfectly to the match of Mista Mozes‘ flow over both banging tracks.  This one is layered, and definitely deserves multiple watches, which is a testament to the execution of this short film (more so than music video) in all aspects.  Dig it, leave a like and a comment, and share it around for others to do the same!



Style King :: Henry + The Invisibles Has Us Like ‘WHOA’


The funk is back, and better than ever.  Henry + the Invisibles has been putting in all kinds of work the last few years in terms of spreading the legend, and after some time spent preparing a new album, us lucky listeners are getting a taste of what’s in store.  WHOA is a nice field of smoothness with a nice solid breakbeat behind it.  Henry uses this as a platform to explore those feelings that you can’t control, and even manages to throw many referential nods in the midst of this confessional.  Super dope, and I can only imagine how this track comes off live.  Musaic sounds like it will hit us in all the right ways upon its release.